Growing Food.
Growing Communities.

BMoreAg is a non-profit seeking to expand sustainable nutrition and agriculture education to Baltimore’s youth through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math) education and advocacy (or “ag-vocacy” as we like to call it) to eliminate food injustice, food apartheid, and poor nutrition.

We focus on providing Baltimore’s youth sustainable agriculture skills and locally-grown food through year-round controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) –including hydroponics, aeroponics, and vertical farming – so the children can experience the joy of growing vegetables, tasting nature, and developing healthier lifestyles.

BMoreAg Foundation students have the opportunity to become change-makers through career readiness that offers professional advancement and sustainable wages.

Advocating with Youth For Agriculture

Imagine a Baltimore where…

…every community member has access to the same healthy food options. The same access to fresh produce. The same intake of proper nutrition. The same awareness of traditional and sustainable urban agriculture practices.

Imagine a Baltimore where…

…we grow with each other, for each other. We grow in every community, for every community. We grow for every age, for every race, for every class, for everyone.

Imagine a Baltimore where…

…children are not hungry. Where they know how to make nutritious food choices to fill them with energy instead of falling asleep in class. To nourish them to feel good so they do good.

We can imagine that

…In fact, BMoreAg Foundation was established for that. At BMoreAg Foundation, we are advocating with youth for agriculture.

Wow. Imagine that!

We believe in food security, equity, and equality.

Hunger is real and right in our backyard. Processed foods are easy to access, but they have minimal nutritional benefits. Without proper nutrition, Baltimore’s youth is not given access to their full potential.

BMoreAg Foundation wants to provide healthy food options, innovative educational resources, and sustainable economic opportunities that will promote food and agricultural sciences education, enhance career opportunities, and inspire the youth in the city of Baltimore to access and consume nutrient-rich food that will stimulate their minds, bodies, and taste buds!

We believe in hyper-local.

No one should have to travel far to access fresh, nutritious produce. By supporting the development of agricultural hubs throughout the city, BMoreAg Foundation addresses these inequities by giving more options to more people.

Healthy food grown blocks from our doors breathes renewed life into Baltimore communities.

We believe in sustainability.

We want to partner in the mission of eliminating food injustice, food apartheid, and poor nutrition throughout the city of Baltimore. But what we want more than anything is to accomplish this by educating our youth about agriculture technology, so they become our change-makers and leaders. We want our participants to teach their families, friends, and neighbors how to grow and consume the food that will grow Baltimore, Maryland, the U.S., and the world!

We believe in the city of Baltimore.

The Baltimore food map is growing. With continued support and advocacy, we will watch it grow even more.

BMoreAg in the Community


BMoreAg Foundation to host a hydroculture tour of Baltimore City in October. Stay tuned to hear more about this special event.

Team member Kerrin promotes youth agriculture education beyond Baltimore through her work with Innovate My World, Roots Africa and EcologyPlus.

BMoreAg Foundation provides hands-on agriculture experience for Baltimore City youth during Chef Connie Memorial Summer Camp.

Growing dreams and harvesting hope: BMoreAg Foundation provides sustainable urban agriculture education to Green Street Academy students.

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