About Us

Who We Are

BMoreAg Foundation envisions a Baltimore where generations of empowered change-makers, rooted in nutrition and agriculture, cultivate a just and sustainable food future for all.

BMoreAg empowers Baltimore’s youth to explore diverse career pathways in nutrition and agriculture-embedded STEM through hands-on, project-based learning and advocacy. We cultivate informed citizens who make healthy choices, fight for food justice, and build a sustainable future for our city.

Leon Pinkett, Director

Leon F. Pinkett III is a Baltimore native who has dedicated over 25 years to serving his city. With a deep understanding of the community’s needs, Leon has championed initiatives focused on revitalization, economic development, and youth education. He served as a member of the Baltimore City Council from 2016-2020. Before serving on the City Council, Leon held a key leadership position as Assistant Deputy Mayor in the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Neighborhood Development from 2014-2016, focusing on revitalizing Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

Earlier in his career, Leon spearheaded numerous redevelopment projects at the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), contributing significantly to Baltimore’s urban landscape. Currently, he continues his impact through a nonprofit arts-focused real estate development.

At BMoreAg, Leon’s leadership leverages his extensive experience in community revitalization, economic development, and youth education to empower future generations. He believes that youth are a vital part of economic development for Baltimore City and its surroundings. Leon F. Pinkett III’s dedication to Baltimore is evident in his extensive experience, proven leadership, and unwavering commitment to the city’s well-being.

Beyond his public service, Leon is a devoted family man. He and his wife, Marika, have been married for over 20 years and share two children, Sydney and Leon IV. As an Assistant Pastor at New Harvest Ministries, Leon continues to serve his community through faith.

Kerrin Massarueh, Director of Government & Community Relations

Kerrin Massarueh is a passionate advocate for youth inclusion and empowerment, particularly within diverse communities facing social and economic challenges. Her experiences span the Caribbean, Africa, and Maryland, where she consistently champions initiatives that dismantle systemic barriers.

As a native of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Kerrin witnessed repeated natural disasters fueled by the climate crisis, sparking her interest in sustainable food systems. Kerrin designs and teaches agriculture programming at Innovate My World, a Eastern Caribbean non-profit empowering youth through critical thinking, innovation and compassion.  Additionally, her contributions to ROOTS Africa, a nonprofit that believes “Africa doesn’t need charity, it needs change-makers” supports hundreds of youth entrepreneurs who increased over 7,459 farmers’ incomes by 20% in 150+ communities in Uganda and Liberia.

At BMoreAg, Kerrin creates strategic partnerships with government, academia, grassroots, and industry leaders to lead impactful initiatives for every youth to access nutritious food and the resources for success. Her leadership style emphasizes continuous learning, communication, and collaboration while recognizing the importance of community ownership and mentorship.

Kerrin is an avid adventurer and traveler at heart. You can find her backpacking through breathtaking landscapes, or setting up camp under the stars. She enjoys quality time with her family based in Maryland, and her furry companion, Milo the rabbit, who keeps her grounded and provides a dose of unconditional love.

Ayomide Sekiteri, Community and Grant Coordinator

Ayomide Sekiteri is a first-generation Nigerian American and native of Baltimore. Ayomide believes in the need for sustainable practices in diverse communities. She has an unwavering interest in international affairs and policy, which is fueled by her passion for driving social impact.

Ayomide earned her B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy with a specialization in Environmental Policy from Hood College. She graduated from Kogod School of Business at American University with a master’s in Sustainability Management.

During her time at Hood College, Ayomide actively championed diversity initiatives on campus and served as an executive board member for both the African Student Union and the Black Student Union. Ayomide embarked on her journey into the world of environmental conservation through an internship with NPS (National Park Service) Academy, where she spent her spring break at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and her summer working at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve in New Orleans. These experiences allowed her to witness firsthand the challenges of racial disparities within parks and laid the foundation for her dedication to fostering inclusivity and equity.

At BMoreAg, she utilizes her dedication to fostering connections and securing resources that empower communities to thrive. With a keen understanding of local needs and a talent for building strong relationships, Ayomide plays a vital role in bridging the gap between funders and BMoreAg’s needs.

She is an avid traveler and out doors adventurer. Ayomide enjoys quality time with her family and spends her weekends volunteering with her church and  community service groups alike.

Why We Care

  • 1 in 3 Marylanders facing food insecurity
  • 150,000 Baltimore experience food insecurity
  • 35% of Baltimore City Children live below poverty level

Vegetable and fruit production is threatened by:

  • Water shortages
  • Damaging weather
  • Transportation costs and uncertainties
  • Inflated expenses
  • Pests
  • Weeds

We Believe…

Our innovative agriculture programs empower Baltimore’s youth to become change-makers in our communities.

We introduce young people to cutting-edge agricultural technologies like controlled environment agriculture (CEA), including hydroponics and aeroponics. This opens doors to diverse and exciting career paths, sparking a deeper understanding of the agriculture industry and fostering a new generation of passionate ag-vocates.

We Envision…

  • Knowledge, ability, and resources to grow and/or access affordable, nutrient-rich produce that was locally grown.
  • Transformation and revitalization of communities through the consumption of nutrient-rich foods.
  • Empowerment to share sustainable agriculture and nutrition practices with other family and community members.

What We Do

We are on a mission to…

Provide healthy food options, innovative educational resources, and sustainable economic opportunities that will promote food and agricultural sciences education, enhance career opportunities, and inspire the youth in the city of Baltimore to access and consume nutrient-rich food that will stimulate their minds, bodies, and taste buds!

Together, we establish community involvement, as well as community benefit.

Did You Know?

Population growth projected for the next 30 years will require doubling food production globally

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