1 in 4 children living in Baltimore has limited access to nutrient-rich food.

K-12 STEAM-Focused Programs

We believe eliminating food apartheid and injustice throughout Baltimore starts with K-12 Agriculture and embedded STEM focused youth education that is hands-on and project-based.


The Nutrition, Education in Agriculture and Workforce Development (N.E.W.) Pathways Initiative, provides Baltimore’s youth with a foundation for making educated decisions regarding academic, professional and social development in nutrition, and various facets of agriculture and natural resources.


The implementation of the N.E.W. Pathways Initiative encourages innovative change-makers in our communities, increases understanding of our nation’s agriculture industry, and provides academic and career exposure, which can lead to healthier family dinner tables.


We provide educational programs to various organizations, such as with Green Street Academy (GSA) and Chef Connie Memorial Summer Camp.

As an Out-of- School Time program, the N.E.W. Pathways Initiative aims to:

1) Expose youth to 21st century careers related to agriculture sciences, technology, and sustainability to inspire innovative solutions to food insecurity.

2) Facilitate linkages to industry, higher education institutions, and grassroots leaders to youth to create a direct pathway to academic and career opportunities.

3) Develop and disseminate educational resources (e.g., field trips and hands-on experiences) on nutrition and agriculture.

4) Emphasize agriculture as a therapeutic outlet to urban challenges in Baltimore City and beyond.

Through collaborative effort we provide direct academic and career  exposure opportunities to industries and experiences through the lens of agriculture.

Program Tracks are:


– Agriculture Technology & Entrepreneurship

– Agriculture Sciences & Food Security

– Nutrition & Wellness Education


Urban “Ag-vocacy”

Our team of professional nutrition, health, and agriculture experts are passionate about the well-being and growth of the Baltimore community.

We believe that we can only grow if we grow together. This is why we place our focus on urban agricultural advocacy – or what we like to call “Ag-vocacy”.

We host events – such as our Agriculture Forum and White House Watch Party – to advocate for enhancing existing urban farming and nutrition education, as well as supporting sustainable agriculture technology, including controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

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