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World population is growing. Researchers believe we need to double our global food production to keep up with the population growth.

The only way to offer this growing population access to affordable, healthy food options is to support various methods of urban agriculture – including traditional and controlled environment agriculture (such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and vertical farming).

BMoreAg Foundation is proud to be among this group of organizations who tirelessly work toward the mission of food justice and accessibility for all Baltimore communities.

Connect with us to learn how you too can become involved in this mission.

Baltimore Farm Alliance orgnizations include:

  • Alchemist Flowers
  • Baltimore Free Farm
  • Bearfoot Farm
  • Black Yield Institute
  • City of Refuge Victory Garden
  • Filbert Street Garden
  • Harlem Park Community Farm
  • Hidden Harvest Annex Dye Garden
  • Hidden Harvest Farm
  • Hillen Homestead
  • Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm
  • Strength To Love 2
  • The 6th Branch – Oliver Community Farm & Johnston Square Farm
  • The Greener Garden
  • Whitelock Community Farm

(Credit: Gwen Kokes)

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